Sustainable Water Solutions for Humanitarian and Disaster Relief
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Welcome to SkyJuice

The SkyJuice™ Foundation is a not for profit organisation incorporated in Australia. The Foundation’s charter is to provide low cost, sustainable water treatment solutions for humanitarian projects and for emergency and disaster relief efforts. SkyJuice™ Foundation uses worlds’ best low pressure ultra filtration membrane technology to produce safe, sustainable potable water that is affordable using technology that is appropriate to communities in rural, peri urban and urban communities in developing countries.

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World Water Day 2014
UN designated World Water Day on Water & Energy is March 22 2014

Where We Work
SkyJuice™ has supplied over 1500 water filtration units since January 2005. Many units have been deployed into natural disasteri affected countries whilst further humanitarian installations & emergency relief units have been deployed in Africa, Central & South America, the Pacific & Asia.
Help more people gain access to safe water with a donation that makes a difference. Each year contaminated water kills 5 million people and causes 3.3 billion illnesses. Supporting the SkyJuice Foundation could help change the lives of those communities without access to safe water supplies.
Water Solutions
SkyJuice™ utilises a unique world validated and proven Australian ultra filtration technology that produces safe drinking water which is low cost and completely sustainable.Learn more about the SkyHydrant, SkyBox and small water kiosks:
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