Sustainable Water Solutions for Humanitarian and Disaster Relief
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SkyHydrant™  Family  of Water Filtration Units

Low pressure, high-flow, ultrafiltration technology meeting core World Health Organisation requirements for sustainable and safe drinking water.

The SkyHydrant™water filtration family is a range of lightweight, sustainable and affordable water filtration systems for humanitarian projects and emergency and disaster relief. There are four models that can be tailored to the immedaite requirements of partners, These are SkyHydrant MAX, ECO, GEM and POD:

SkyPod information and data sheet:

  • The popular SkyHydrant™ MAX model typically prodcuces 700 litres of clean drinking water per hour
  • No power or chemicals required for the filtration process
  • No replacement filters required
  • Effectively filters most non-saline surface and ground waters
  • Quick and easy setup produces clean water instantly
  • Is lightweight - easily stored, transported and redeployed
  • Can be wall mounted or freestanding
  • No technical skills needed for setup, operation or maintenance
  • Gravity fed under low water pressure - high water pressure set up options available
  • Can be used for short term or long term applications
  • Can be used as stand alone unit or configured into multi-unit banks
  • Totally sustainable
  • Long service life

SkyHydrant™ MAX Quick Specifications

Unit weight dry 12kg Download technical specification sheet for rangeDownload SkyHydrant™ site set-up optionsView SkyHydrant™ Operating Instructions
Unit height 143cm  
Unit width 18cm  
Unit length 25cm  
Typical flow rate 500 - 700L clean water/hr  
Filtration direction outside to inside  
Fibre material PVDF (polyvinylidene Flouride)  
Fibre outside diameter 800um  
Number of fibres per element 500um  
Nominal pore size of a single fibre 0.04 microns  
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